Tami Amit

1972 born in Tel Aviv

she is one of the most amazing people i was able to meet in berlin who has showed me what it means to be crazy succesfull jobwise and stil beeing a normal person behind all that ( attitude is a myth )

she also tought me what it means to be an true artist who fell in love with what she does - to be diffrent maybe to everyone else - not understanded in firstplace - but still never losing the happines and willing to fight for what we wants and love

she inspired me like nearly nobody before and yes i was surprised that behind a tiny smal quiet ( still sexy) person like tami, im going to find something behind the walls.

she is like a true treasure - if u ever discovered the inside, its like a treasure of alibaba

and ur gonna understand ART <3

she is also going to draw my new tattoo symbol what makes me super proud and im going to wear it with pride.!


TxT Nicola Grosswiler // tamiamitt@gmail.com


Solo Exhibitions

2010 „Sisters“, Museum Petah-Tikva, Israel, Curator: Ory Dessau

2008 "Motion Pictures", raw art gallery, Tel aviv

2005 „Still waiting for that kiss“, Video projection, By Art Projects Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2004 „Room service“, Dvir gallery, Tel Aviv

2001 „Sense of Space“, Kunsthiis de permanent Gallery, Groningen, Holland

2001 "Alice in wonderland", Rosenfeld Gallery,Tel-Aviv

1998 „The 50‘s interiors“, portraits,The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan

Group Exhibitions

2011 „The second strike", 3rd Herzliya biennal for contemporary art, Tel Aviv, curator: Ory Dessau

2009 „Death sea”, Video projection, Gallery Jausse enterprise, Paris (Nuits Blanches)

2006 „making scens“, Haifa museum for art, curator: Tal Yachas

2006 „Happy“,Video projection in the cinematic, Video Dance festival, Tel Aviv

2006 „mixed feelings“, Haifa Museum for art. curator:Tami Katz-Freiman

2006 „Anticyclone“, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005 „Little Red Riding Hood“, @Art Basel Miami, Dotfiftyone Art Space, Miami, FL

2004 „Judith“,Rodolphe Jensson Gallery, Brussels

2003 „The house“, Catherine Bastide Gallery, Brussels

2003 FIAC, stand Ronce Noire, Paris

2002 „Judith“, Gallery Praz-Delavalade, Paris

2001 „Wall 6“, landscape 9, Gallery Air de Paris, France

1997 „The month of photography", Nesles Gallery, Paris


2004 Bil Bo K - magazine des errances contemporaines

2003 „Animal farm serie, Spoon magazine

2002 „Photos", Double Magazine


2010 „Sisters“, Catalogue

2009 Art, le present.paul Ardenenne.Editions du regard

2008 „Motion Pictures“, Artist book, Monografick edition

2006 Mixed Feelings, exhibition catalogue, Haifa Museum for Art

2003 „Petrified forest“

2001 „The french season of photography“, Aurora Borelis edition

1998 Catalogue, The Museum of Israel Art, Ramat Gan


2002 „Portraits of inspiration“, The Jerusalem Post

2002 Review on The show Alice, 42_C Art and Fashion magazine

1998 Wallpaper

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